Crop Angel Agriculture Drone Sales and Training

As a DJI Academy centre we can provide all the training you might need to operate DJI’s specialist agricultural drones safely and efficiently enabling you to get the most out of your drones.

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Crop Angel Training Services

Our specialist training is designed to quickly and efficiently give you the skills needed to safely and effectively use your agricultural drone. We can assist with all stages from getting the necessary paperwork in place to legally fly your drone, to providing you with the skill to map your fields, plan your flights, and carry out your applications, whether it be fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or any other applications needed by you. All training is tailored to you so that we can focus the training on the applications you use and need.

Letton Norfolk Training Centre

Training tomorrows farmers today – the DJI way

Agricultural flying skills

Flying skills are important to the operation of the drones and at Crop Angel we can offer training for pilots with limited flying skills to make sure each flight is safe and the drones are used correctly and to their fullest potential.

Field planning and software

Field planning is hugely important and complex part to the operation of DJI’s agricultural drones so with our training we make sure to simplify and explain all the available options to make the field plans right for the use needed. We also can offer training on the software that DJI offers for the drones which can be used to better improve the accuracy and help expand the uses of the drones for specialist needs.

Qualifications and paperwork

We can guide and offer help with getting all the qualifications and paperwork needed to get your drone in the air.

Custom Training

As experienced agricultural drone operators we offer bespoke training for you and your team. Give us a call to see how we can help.

Contact us to discuss your training needs

+44 (0)1362820565