DJI Agras T50

The DJI T50 is DJI’s flagship model for thier agricultural range offering a 40L spray tank and 50KG spreading hopper.

  • 40 litre spray tank
  • 50KG spreader tank
  • Phased array radar and forward facing binocular vision for automatic obstacle avoidence
  • 16 litre or 24 litre per minute
  • RTK ready drone
  • Magnetic drive impreller pumps

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DJI AGRAS T50 elevates drone agricultural operations to new heights. It inherits a powerful coaxial twin-rotor propulsion system and a split-type torque resistant structure for next level stability when carrying 40 kg spraying or 50 kg spreading payloads.

Drone features

The DJI T50 with its 40 litre tank is the largest drone we sell but can be folded making it easier to transport. This folding mechanism uses quick-snap locking, redundancies, and an in-app alert to help ensure safe operation.

DJI AGRAS T50 leverages a Dual Atomizing Spraying System, Front and Rear Phased Array Radars, and a Binocular Vision System. DJI AGRAS T50 excels across multiple scenarios, from surveying to spraying and spreading, guaranteeing stable operations and steady performance.

DJI AGRAS T50 is equipped with front and rear Active Phased Array Radars with double the number of RF channels for higher detection precision. Together they enable Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing, elevating operating safety. Two sets of Binocular Vision sensors enable DJI AGRAS T50 to accurately sense terrain and depict obstacles in detail, for automatic obstacle bypassing and Terrain Following over steep slopes.



DJI AGRAS T50’s Dual Atomizing Spraying System provides an ultra-large flow rate of up to 16 L/min (2-sprinkler spraying). It produces uniform and fine spray droplets, and does not leak due to its improved magnetic solaniod valves. DJI AGRAS T50 can be equipped with an additional pair of centrifugal sprinklers, increasing flow rate to 24 L/min (4-sprinkler spraying) for operations that require high application volume. New Dual Atomizing Centrifugal Sprinklers allow droplet size to be adjusted between 50-500 μm.

With Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump dual pump flow rate of up to 24 L/min. This is a 100% increase compared with the previous generation, to meet demands of fields, orchards, and high-temperature environments.


DJI AGRAS T50’s new spreader and spiral channel spinning disk significantly improve spreading efficiency and smoothness. 50KG 75L max capacity payload and an expanded loading gate for quick refills. The torque of the spreader is doubled and the discharge hatch is enlarged to enable a flow rate up to 108 kg/min with a new design for the spiral channel spinning disk allowing a more uniform spreading pattern.

Option for small seed and low rate spreading with the smaller hopper gate to improve accuracy. real time weighing with the T50’s weigh sensor to allow real time monitoring of the payload. 

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Controller and Surveying

DJI AGRAS T50 integrates aerial surveying, spraying, and spreading into a single drone. A high-resolution FPV gimbal camera enables real-time capture of field and orchard images. Paired with DJI RC Plus and RTK service, you can generate high definition maps which underpin subsequent automatic flight routes. DJI AGRAS T50 can take off and perform automatic operations, all at the push of a button.

DJI AGRAS T50 supports obstacle bypassing and Terrain Following for surveying of orchards on slopes up to 20°. With DJI RC Plus and its real-time mapping capabilities, it can automatically identify fruit trees and obstacles. Based on the distribution of the fruit trees, it can generate accurate and fully automatic 3D flight routes.

Survey the entire field, automatically identify field boundaries and obstacles, and plan more precise flight routes.

DJI RC Plus has a 7-inch high brightness screen and an 8-core processor for smooth operations. Intelligent route planning minimizes distances flown with a full tank, greatly increasing operation efficiency. Manual mode allows you to control operations at will.

The new and upgraded quad-antenna O3 Transmission system works offline even in areas without cellular coverage, offering a transmission range of 2 km. Its anti-interference ability helps ensure high signal quality during operations over tall crops.


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